The listings below are helpful links provided by ranch owners. If you would like to contribute a new link or have issues accessing any of
the existing links below, please click here.

Link: Peterson Energy
Description: The on-site supervisor for the rig across from LMR can be contacted to report any problems with traffic, trucks, speeding, etc on 84.On-site Supervisor: Gary Doke
Mobile: 620-640-5718
Email: gary.doke@gmail.comMain Office:
2154 West Eisenhower Boulevard
Loveland, CO 80537
Office: (970) 669-7411

Link: Oil and Gas Contacts
Description: Listing of Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission contactsMain Office:
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801
Denver , CO 80203
Office: (303) 894-2100
Fax: (303) 894-2109

Link: Colorado Oil Gas Conservation
Description: To access local well information:

  • Click on PERMITS in the left menu
  • For Approved Applications
    • Choose “FREMONT” county
    • Click “GO!”
    • To see map, click the “GIS” link at the top (spinning globe)
    • If the tool buttons do not function properly, see “Compatibilty View” help
    • Click here to see image for Pathfinder C 11-12 1 and C 14-01 1 sites
  • For Pending Applications
    • Same steps as above
  • Take note that pending/approved can be shown on the same map by modifying the layer map options. Options for the recent
    map image show the default options selected to generate that map.

Link: InciWeb
Description: Provides a listing of Colorado incidents (e.g. wild fires) and their current status. Due to high demand, the website may become
unresponsive at times.

Description: Webpage allows you to register your cell phone number to be part of the Fremont County database when
911 Emergency Notification (“reverse 911”) calls are made to your neighborhood.  Landlines are automatically listed.